•   2 Clinical Skills Labs
  •     Lecture Room
  •     Library which is multifunction serving as lecture room; small group discussion area; seminar room
  •     Audio-visual Unit
  •     Curriculum Development Unit
  •     Assessment & Evaluation Unit
  •     E-Learning Unit
  •     Teaching Aid Production Unit
  •     Student Support Unit
  •     Continuing Medical Education(CME)
  •     Medical Photography and illustration Unit
  •     It also houses the Journal of Khartoum offices

1. Educational development unit which is tasked with:

  • Improving faculty performance in teaching, assessment, research and publishing
  • Continuing professional development
  • Promoting e-learning and distance learning

2. Research Unit: which is tasked with:

  • Conduction of research In the field of medical education in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Coordination of research in the medical field in cooperation with FMOH and various international organizations
  • Helping postgraduates with the task of proposal writing and scientific writing

3. Information Unit which is tasked with:

  • Medical imaging
  • Graphic design
  • Creation of audio-visual materials
  • Documentation of the centre activities
  • Production of teaching materials