Dr. Inaam Noureldyme mohamed masoud

The Education Development Center at faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum was established in 1980 to promote excellence and offer leadership in planning and implementation of innovative programs aimed at health professional education, scientific research and community health services. With cumulative expertise throughout the last 38 years, the EDC continues to create and deliver strategies that promote faculty development and capacity building of academic staff in the field of medical education, professional development as well as community services. It established training programs that have greatly contributed to the development of health professional education in Sudan. It delivers high quality courses that address key issues in medical education. One of the main objectives of the EDC is to assist and support medical schools and other health institutions in curriculum development, implementation, evaluation and reform.

EDC has enjoyed regional and international reputation for professional excellence acting as a WHO collaborative center for health professional education (2007-2015). EDC, in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO), offered certificates on health professional training for leaders of allied sciences (midwifery, nursing and medical assistants) from Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. The EDC also created well founded relationships with regional and international organizations having similar missions.

In 2015, EDC started the Program for Diploma/ Master in Health Profession Education (by Course and Research) to meet the increasing demands in this field.

Our vision at the EDC is to continue as a Centre of excellence, undertaking highly innovative and potentially transformational programs for research and development that aim to achieve international standing. This is achievable via empowering staff and students to increase their knowledge capabilities, confront their challenges and eventually enabling them to meet their societal needs.

This website is designed to provide a comprehensive resource of the centre’s background, its objectives and strategies, administration structure, units and committees, resources, links, achievements, training courses, postgraduate studies in Health Professions and our future plans. I sincerely hope the information provided is helpful in reflecting the current status of the centre. Lastly, I wish it can meet the needs of all those interested in medical education and continuing professional development.